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HooxPro is A tool for the Gym, A tool for the Professional, A tool for the Client.

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Receiving Training is a web application dedicated to the creating of fitness programs and workout routines for gyms, aimed at monitors and clients in general.

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For the Gym is a tool for those gyms which cannot cover the complete opening hours, with a professional attending to their clients. Such gyms might be referred to as; low cost gyms, gyms in the hotel industry and including those gyms that, because of economic problems, cannot afford to have a professional covering their complete opening hours.

For the Professional is an ideal tool for any gym professional. It is an ideal tool that offers multiple advantages, such as:

  • The professional can save time spent on creating workout charts and dedicate this time to his/ her clients.
  • Prepare fitness programs for his/her clients on a weekly basis.
  • as a working tool for those professionals who charge for their services.
  • Offer their clients an up-to-date service according to present times.

For the Client is also an ideal tool for those clients or users who carry out their activities in public or private gyms, as well as those clients who workout by themselves.



Our aim is to provide to whichever gym, sports centre or client in general, a product whose purpose is to plan and program personalised workouts based on muscle and cardio fitness. Making use of our base of knowledge adapted to the gym facilities.


Once the gym, sports centre or client in general, has bought training credits, they will have to configure various options, such as; the types of machines available in their gym, other materials, logos, timetables, etc...


When the gym, sports centre or client in general has configured it’s options, the application will have made a suitable selection of the types of equipment available in the gym, in such a way that the gym can register their clients, configuring them according to their interests and aims.


Once the gym is registered as a user, a file with a personalised workout routine will be sent to it’s clients on a weekly basis with their workout charts. This file will be sent to their e-mail address or directly to the hooxpro application for mobile phones.


This program has a downloading application for mobile phones and other electronic devices so that the workout charts can be received. The application for mobile phones has multiple advantages for the client, such as:

  • Great image quality.
  • Easy to use chart interface with appropriate divisions for workout sessions, for each weekly routine.
  • Description of the exercise.
  • Client’s diary.
  • Publicity icon where the user can receive personalized publicity.
  • Others.
HooxPro is app dedicated to the creating of fitness programs and workout routines for gyms



Hi, I’m Mike, I’m 30 years old and I’ve been going to the gym for nearly ten years. I’ve been training, along with two mates of mine, for more than a year with hooxpro. Before that, I was at a standstill and without any ideas, I saw that I wasn’t improving, Thanks to, I’ve now got so much better. Besides, I was so uncontrolled with my supplements and thanks to “diary”, I don’t have to worry anymore, it’s perfect.

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I’m preparing for some tests where being strong is important. I had no idea how to train and besides the gym I go to doesn’t have a monitor. was recommended to me and now I’m really strong and I also feel confident enough to pass all the tests. Regards to everyone.

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Hi everybody, I’m Susi and I’m so pleased with hooxpro. I’ve always been obsessed with cardio and I’m very demanding on myself. I hate weights but since I’ve been with I’ve learnt how important they are as well and now I can’t stop doing cardio without complementing it with machines and I really like it. Besides, I love stretching and hooxpro has shown me how important it is to stretch between sets. Thanks

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My name’s Carlos and I’m 47 years old. I work a lot of hours every day and hardly have time for doing any activities. I’m always tired and not very high spirited which is why I’ve decided to change and do some kind of exercising. My problem is that I hardly have half an hour for the gym and I don’t think I’ll workout very well. I was told about and so I tried it, I never thought a program would be able to adapt to me and that’s made me really happy, I’m also not tired anymore. Best wishes to you all.

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My name’s Carla, I’m 18 and I’m piscis. I’ve got the latest in mobile phones and my mum is always telling me that I live with my mobile glued to me. I signed up in the gym two days ago so that my mum can see that I do different things, what she doesn’t know is that I’ve met, Kisses.

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Hi there, hooxpro friends. I’m Gemma and my dietician has told me that I have to lose a couple of kilos. I don’t like going to the gym, but I have to do it. I only go three days a week, but I like so much, that I think I’ll increase to four times. Come on everybody, try it! Regards.

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Note: the clients mencioned on this website are not real and their comments, although they are similar to those in real-life, aren’t real either.

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